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What Works with Teens – Julie Baron

Community Education Series on What Works with Teens Relationship Tools for Parents and Professionals

Lab School Lecture Series – Britt Rathbone, LCSW-C, CGP, BCD and Julie B. Baron, LCSW-C

The Lab School of Washington, March 16, 2016 –
“What Works with Teens: Engaging Adolescents with Learning Differences to Achieve Lasting Change”

Why Teens Need Helping Adults When They Push Away from Their Parents

Sadly, most of us are lucky to have had one or two adults who had a memorable positive impact on us during our adolescence. And many of us have had more than our share of the teachers, coaches, therapists, doctors, etc. who we really disliked. This just isn’t right! Things need to change. We set out to identify the characteristics that differentiate the life changing adults from the others. We talked with hundreds of young people, helping adults, and then we dove into the research.

Helping Adults: The Traits that Make a Difference in a Teen’s Life

Think back to when you were a teenager . . . was there an adult in your life who you really disliked? Maybe a particular teacher, coach, or neighbor? What was it about that person? Why was their impact on you so great that you still recall their interactions? Isn’t it incredible that out of all the people who have come and gone over the years, you can still recall this one so clearly? Do you think they still remember you? Now switch gears . . . think about an adult in your life that really made a difference. Someone who had your best interests in mind, believed in you and communicated it consistently. What was it about this person or mentor? What did they do that made them stand out?

What Works With Teens presented by Julie Baron

Cecily’s Advocacy Workshop at McLean School November 2014
Julie Baron introduces the release of her new book (co-authored with Britt Rathbone) by discussing critical skills sets for developing and maintaining effective working relationships with adolescents in a variety of settings.

How Adolescent Social Culture Shapes Relationships

Workshop for Parents at McLean School Open House January 2014
Julie Baron discusses how the various elements of social culture and developmental needs guides teens in their attitudes, beliefs and behaviors about peer relationships.

Adolescent Social Culture: From Bonding to Bullying

Cecily’s Advocacy Workshop McLean School February 2013
Julie Baron talks to parents and professionals about what motivates teens to engage in their friendships and in bullying behaviors.