Join Us in Our Call to Action

This is a call to all helping adults working with teens!   Let’s do this work so that we make a meaningful and positive impact on the youth we serve!

Today’s adolescents are our future. They rely on us – the adults in their lives – to teach, through collaboration, modeling and example. We must demonstrate Respect, Authenticity, Predictability, Kindness, and Acceptance along the path toward growth and change with adolescents.   Whether teaching, coaching, counseling or mentoring, your relationship with teens matters in your work. Join us as we change the paradigm to improve outcomes with the youth we serve and enjoy our own well- being as a result.

We may recall stories from our teen years of authoritative, ineffective adults. Thankfully, many of us also remember one or two adults who made a positive and profound impact. Which adult do you want to be in the lives of teens you serve?

Changing a Generation… One Relationship at a Time!!