Chapter Overviews

Chapter 1: The Adolescent Operating System (A-OS)

Changing brains, challenging personality traits, and shifting social and developmental expectations. This is the world of a teen. Use this understanding to gain skill in understanding WHY teens do what they do.

Chapter 2: Adolescents Don’t Come With A User’s Manual

Get inside the mind of a teen and see the world through their eyes. Use this insight to understand exactly why it is tough to connect with teens and maintain credibility. Learn how to step out of adult stereotypes to start connecting.

Chapter 3: The Value of The Relationship

Relationships matter. Research and experience bear this out. Use your connection to build powerful relationships with the adolescents you serve. Make a difference for a young person!

Chapter 4: Respect

Learn about the incredible value of respect – the deep experience and communication of another’s inherent worth. See the research about why it works, discover how to find and express respect for even the most challenging kids, and develop skill for demonstrating respect consistently and effectively to improve the relationships with those you serve.

Chapter 5: Authenticity

Learn about the compelling power of being real, open, and sincere. Discover why this is so critical with adolescents, and gain skills for mastering the balancing act of being authentic while maintaining professional boundaries.

Chapter 6: Kindness

Learn how simple acts of kindness grease the wheels of collaboration with adolescents and solidify your relationship with the teens you serve. Mastering the balance of expressing understanding and holding the line gives you the ability to challenge teens to reach their goals.

Chapter 7: Predictability

Did you know that predictability feeds innovation? Learn how in this chapter. By remaining consistent and predictable with adolescents, they are able to take risks in learning and self-reflection. Your stability can make an enormous difference in their achievement.

Chapter 8: Acceptance

Ever find yourself baffled by and thus unable to accept an adolescent’s behavior? Learn how acceptance is a necessary step toward change and the skills necessary to arrive at a place of acceptance. It can be especially difficult when we disagree with a teen’s choices AND imperative if we intend to have any meaningful impact.

Chapter 9: Change

What is it and how does it work? Learn the stages of change and how to pace yourself when adolescents are in a different stage of readiness. Learn how combining the skills from other chapters facilitates movement toward change and positive outcomes with youth.

Chapter 10: A Call to Action

Here is where we will inspire you to take the skills we offer and change the culture of our work with youth! Be the adult that makes a positive impact in your work with teens one relationship at a time.

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